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Cool post on idolatry.



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Hi. I’m back. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. Much zaniness in my personal life (including the death of my sister – long story and lots of difficult emotions associated with that) has kept me away. I’m in the middle of the last academic push before the Thanksgiving holiday, so I really have NO time to be tooling about on wordpress, but for sanity’s sake, I’ve got to put this out there.

Yesterday while taking a break from the insanity that is Exegetical Greek, I passed by the “free crap table.” Everyone is familiar with this concept: you have some crap to get rid of, you put it on the table for someone else to take. You’re in need of someone else’s discarded crap, you go to the table and you take it. It’s a strange system that smacks of Communism, so I’m surprised anyone allows it, yet there you have it.

Anyway, I spied a Scooby-Doo coloring book which someone had deemed as expendable crap. I seized my opportunity. It’s not that I really wanted to color – it’s just that I had a crazy idea to translate the captions into Koine Greek. I still may do that when I have time, but in thumbing through the captions while doing a feasibility test vis a vis the translation, here is what I ran across.



What. The. Very. Hell. Were. They. Thinking? Could this be a boner, er, gaff on the part of the artist? Might they not know that their illustration of Shaggy would inspire adolescents of all ages to mentally insert raging wood beneath Shaggy’s frock? Like, shit marie, Scoob. Jinkies, even.

At Last, it All Makes Sense!

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I was just over at the Tom Waits website, and was reading this interview with him (instead of finishing my Greek homework for tomorrow).

Here’s what I saw:

Q: What is up with your ears?

A: I have an audio stigmatism where by I hear things wrong- I have audio illusions. I guess now they say ADD. I have a scrambler in my brain and it takes what is said and turns it into pig Latin and feeds it back to me.

That is exactly what is going on with my brain. At long last, I’m not alone in the world.

One of the stranger things I’ve seen on the internet

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I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff on the internet.  Some of it has been pretty sick.  I’ll never “unsee” some of that crap.  But here’s something unique.  Not sick, no.  But rather weird, to be sure.  Did you ever imagine YHWH as an orange?  Well, you’re in for a Floridian treat.


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Jesus is a friend of mine.  I let him drink out of my soda bottle without wiping off the top.

Jesus is my friend.  He loaned me two dollars one time.

Another reason to love Tom Waits

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Or should I hate Tom Waits as the latest in a string of people who have had similar (but frankly better and more creative versions of) ideas that I have come up with in my clever, clever brain?

Backstory: A few years ago – right about Easter time – a friend (Big Dan of the Skanktuary) and I headed over by foot to a local Walgreen’s pharmacy in search of a hunk o’ candy.  We had just retired from a few hours of brew-pub imbibery (please nominate for Real Word status), so we were feeling especially witty.  While perusing the vast sugary selection, it struck us that it’s very, very strange to celebrate easter by giving children chocolate symbols of execution.  Hershey’s bunnies are weird enough, but a cross made from chocolate is kind of beyond the pale, don’t you think?

So, as we riffed on this theme, we began coming up with other, similarly inappropriate candy items that one could market, in order to make a quick buck off of in the name of the Most High.  A chocolate Jesus with a nougat center was one item – My Sweet (and Nougat-Filled) Lord, we could call it.  We also had an idea for a  Sermon on the Mounds bar (or an Eternal Almond Joy, cuz sometimes you feel like a nut…).  Oh, there were others, the names of which slip my mind at the moment, but they were all quite clever, I can assure you.  (Feel free to add your own ideas as comments, by the way.)  “Immaculate Confections” was going to be the name of our company.

As Fate would have it, Tom Waits beat us to the punch.  (My life’s story.)  Here’s video evidence.  Enjoy.

Clearly, the End is Near

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Latest sign of the impending Apocalypse right here: