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Tikkun Olam

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Heschel – or at least his ideas of guilt versus responsibility – have been on my mind lately.  It was serendipity that led me to this wee blog post this morning.


Apropos of absolutely…very little

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The Pogues, “If I Should Fall from Grace with God”

More timely advice from the devotional

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I’ll come back to the Sex God thing.  I finished it, and while I found it to lack a certain coherence (I might rethink that as I re-read it), it was a good and inspirational book.

But before I have time to get to that, I just wanted to post a link to today’s devotional.  I think I mentioned before that my job, previously something that consumed most of my life – I spent more time there than at home, almost all of my friends were people I worked with – leaves me feeling depressed and even pretty embittered.  What was my major passion I now “hate” (not only in the usual sense of the word, but also in the scriptural sense of an examiner failing a student’s work).

First, on the way into work, I heard CS Lewis talking about agape, then once I got to work, I read this devotional.  Here’s the link:

Link To Read Today’s Devotional–

I hate to harp on this theme, but…

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OK, here it is again. I opened my email this morning and found this devotional, again from Ephesians Four Ministries Here’s the link to today’s entire devotional. My plan was only to include a snippet, but the whole thing is relevant to what I’ve been writing about these last several days.

Good Things Versus God-Things
TGIF Today God Is First, by Os Hillman

Because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. – Romans 8:14

The greatest sign that you and I are maturing in our walk with God is when we can discern the difference between “good things” and “God-things.” When the people of Israel journeyed out of Egypt through the desert, the cloud led them by day. They could move only as fast as the cloud. If they went ahead, they went without God’s presence. If they lagged behind, they also lost God’s presence.

Each of us must have the discernment to know when God is leading in a matter, or if it is simply a good idea. There are so many things in which you and I can be involved, and the more successful you become, the greater the temptations to enter into things where God has not called you. Entrepreneurs are especially prone to see all the opportunities.

I recall one time when I entered into a project that I thought was a great idea. It would help many people. After two years, the project had to be discontinued. It was a great lesson on understanding what projects have God’s blessing on them. There are some projects you and I might get involved in that result in little fruit compared to the investment put into them. That is because they may never have been birthed by the Holy Spirit.

As sons of God, we are called to be led by the Spirit. This requires a level of dependence on God in which many of us really do not want to invest. It requires listening, waiting, and moving only when God’s Spirit tells us to move. Workplace believers are “action” people. We know how to get things done, but our greatest strength can be our greatest weakness.

Today, ask God to make you a Romans 8:14 man or woman who is led by the Spirit of God. Pray against lagging behind or moving ahead. Ask God to reveal whether the next project you consider is a “good thing” or a “God-thing.”

Discernment has been a prime theme in my life for the last 10 months or so – and I’m still working on that. It’s not an easy task. I’m trying to be open to the Spirit’s leadings without being spiritually weird. I pray for discernment as I prepare for what I think my calling is.

Maybe I *am* that guy!

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In my last post I pasted an Onion article lambasting people who find “God was speaking to me” messages in every mundane place. I do know people like that. They believe that God speaks to them through wrong-number phone calls, randomly found pocket change and so on. On most levels, I believe this is silly.

But on the other hand, knowing that God *does* speak to us and that “His ways are not our ways,” how else might we expect to hear His voice? My pastor is fond of saying “there are no coincidences,” and I agree with him.

With all of this in mind, since past Sunday I’ve been running into John 16:33 all over the place. That’s the one that goes:

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Today I encountered this verse on a devotionals site that sends me daily emails. (Intersted? Check out Church Growth Institute.) The verse showed up in the context of dealing with adversity…well, everywhere, but specifically in the workplace. This could not be more timely for me, for reasons into which I will not delve, but which actually have a lot to do with my having started this web log. I don’t find it coincidental that this verse keeps popping up, and I don’t believe the timing is coincidental, either. Thanks to God for the non-existence of coincidence! 🙂

Heavenly Father, God of the Universe and God among us: Thank you for the gift of your Spirit, who counsels us, gives us nudges in the right directions, and hints into the paths we should walk in order to do your will. Please keep on giving us the peace and quietness of mind that allow us to discern and recognize your voice, the strength and courage to follow your leadings, and the faith to keep on the path, even when that voice seems faint, distant or even absent.

In Jesus’ name I pray.