What in the very fresh hell is going on here? See, this is one of the reasons that seminaries are necessary: it’s only got to do in part with education, but in a very real way the goal of the seminary process is to make sure that guys like this don’t wind up as preachers. As they say down south, bless his heart.


2 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Wow. WOW. I am not sure which was my favourite line “Fat little Friar Tucks” or the vein slapping reference to “shooting up Jesus” or “St. Thomas of Something or Other”. One can only hope the St. Thomas of Something or Other is the patron Saint of healthy recovery to addictions. WOW.

  2. I’m sorry, is that guy drunk? I don’t think I could have sat through that sermon if I’d gotten paid to do so. In fact, at first? I thought he was a comedian making fun of christians–which in fact, I was laughing. And then I realized he was serious, which at that point I became concerned.

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