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Great Googly Moogly, I feel like dancin’!

Posted in Christianity, Random, religion on November 30, 2008 by Robaigh

I just finished up 2 of the 3 papers I needed to write over Thanksgiving break, and I’m outta my skull exhilarated to have them behind me.  Of course, they are utter shite, but they are done.  Actually, I’m not too upset about the Greek paper.  I may have pulled that one off.  The exegetical paper on Mark, though, yeah: shite.  I repeated myself over and over, again and again, ad nauseam, just beating a dead horse…you get the picture.  It’s too bad, because I did discover some interesting things about the text, especially when I compared it to Matthew.

One thing in Matthew that always bothered me was the whole thing about Jesus dissing his mother and his brothers.  “‘Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?’  And pointing to his disciples, he said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers!  For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and my sister and mother.'”  Comparing that text to the parallel version in Mark (which was one of the sources for Matthew, anyway), I came to realize that Matthew left a rather critical chunk out of the narrative.

In Mark, the context for that statement was that Jesus’ family comes out to restrain Jesus (this is right after he authorizes the 12 apostles to preach and heal and to cast out unclean spirits), because they thought he “had lost his mind.”  When you consider that, sandwiched in between Jesus’ family’s action and Jesus’ statement about who his true family is, you’ve got the story about the scribes who accuse Jesus of deriving his power from Beelzebul.  Well, shit, dude: in THAT context it makes sense, but Matthew just left that whole bit off!

“Well, you could have left that whole story off, R,” I hear you cry.  True.  I could have.  But I am now done writing two out of three papers, I’m not yet ready to dive into number three, but my fingers have the inertia.  I’ve got to write *something.*

OK.  Enough procrastinating.  Back to work.

[Exit: stage left, doing a wee jig.]



Posted in Humor, Uncategorized with tags on November 23, 2008 by Robaigh

Hi. I’m back. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. Much zaniness in my personal life (including the death of my sister – long story and lots of difficult emotions associated with that) has kept me away. I’m in the middle of the last academic push before the Thanksgiving holiday, so I really have NO time to be tooling about on wordpress, but for sanity’s sake, I’ve got to put this out there.

Yesterday while taking a break from the insanity that is Exegetical Greek, I passed by the “free crap table.” Everyone is familiar with this concept: you have some crap to get rid of, you put it on the table for someone else to take. You’re in need of someone else’s discarded crap, you go to the table and you take it. It’s a strange system that smacks of Communism, so I’m surprised anyone allows it, yet there you have it.

Anyway, I spied a Scooby-Doo coloring book which someone had deemed as expendable crap. I seized my opportunity. It’s not that I really wanted to color – it’s just that I had a crazy idea to translate the captions into Koine Greek. I still may do that when I have time, but in thumbing through the captions while doing a feasibility test vis a vis the translation, here is what I ran across.



What. The. Very. Hell. Were. They. Thinking? Could this be a boner, er, gaff on the part of the artist? Might they not know that their illustration of Shaggy would inspire adolescents of all ages to mentally insert raging wood beneath Shaggy’s frock? Like, shit marie, Scoob. Jinkies, even.