Uncloudy Day (for the most part)

It has been an interesting day.  This morning, scant minutes before heading out the door to our usual Lutheran-flavored church, I got the inspiration to try someplace else for a change.  I mean, we get Lutheran liturgy 5 days a week in chapel – a change is as good as a rest.  So we drove through the rain to St. Luke’s Methodist.  This is actually one of the oldest congregation in DBQ.  They got their start with Methodist class meetings back in the 1830s when this was a rough and tumble mining town.  It’s far more genteel today.  The building that houses the congregation nowadays was built in the 1890s and contains a wicked-cool collection of stained glass windows designed by L.C. Tiffany.  Yup, THAT Tiffany.

The service was not exceptionally well-attended, but hey – it was 8:30 in the a.m. on a dreary, cold Sunday in Dubuque.  Whatchagonnado?  (By 10:30, attendance had really picked up.)  We stayed after the service and chatted with some folks, found some unexpected living history connections (It is *such* a small, inbred world we live in), and left feeling pretty excited to come back.

It’s a bit of a conundrum to be attending a Lutheran seminary and thinking about becoming adjunct members at a Methodist church, but our two church bodies do share pulpit and altar fellowship.  Maybe the change isn’t so strange after all.  Plus, it’s really nice to get a different theological perspective and to see some different (non-seminary-related) faces.

In the afternoon we took the hounds on the Dubuque CROP Walk.  I tried to take some pictures, but it didn’t work very well.  If I can salvage anything, I’ll stick them on this page.  We almost didn’t make it to the CROP Walk – in part because of the aforementioned monsoons, but also because I’m buried up to my hoodlie-hoos in school work for the upcoming week.  But at 12:30, the sun made an unexpected appearance, and it was just way too nice to skip this thing, which – to be fair – I had committed to a number of weeks before.

So, a great church service with very hospitable fellowship (and an excellent message about the inherent dangers of finger-pointing), followed by 2.5 hours of dog walking on a sunny day through nice and not-so-nice parts of our newly adopted city.  Not too shabby a way to spend a Sunday.


7 Responses to “Uncloudy Day (for the most part)”

  1. Last week we shook things up a little ourselves. The Museum’s annual Fall Harvest Festival ruled out our usual 11 a.m. service so we hit the earlier one. It was communion Sunday and we were hankering to be back in the pews since we’ve missed a few weeks this month.

    I had been under the impression that the Early Service would be full of blue hairs that were put off by all the hoopla of the 11 a.m. chancel choir, etc. Turns out the Early Service attendees were a merry lot. The two pastors couldn’t have been more out of synch– they practically bumped into each other, stopped the prayers at one point to ask, “Did you want to do this part?” and a silly little bit announcement about the Volleyball season starting ended with the team leader accidentally throwing the volley ball into the stomach of poor Pastor Sue at medicine ball speed…

    My stomach hurt from laughing.

    And really– Methodists, Lutherans– we’re all on the same team. It just comes down to uniforms maybe. Or town ball vs. 1860s rules.

  2. truthwalker Says:

    What Dubuque…IOWA? Like with the funicular, the 4 colleges and the rinky dink airport? That Dubuque?

  3. Spoken like a man who knows his Mississippi river towns!

  4. truthwalker Says:

    I was almost kicked out of Emmaus Bible College on Asbury Road. I left voluntarily instead. I love Dubuque. Best town laid out by drunken monks I’ve ever been in. It was the first place I (an ultra conservative homeschooler) lived away from home in.

  5. Wow! That sounds like an excellent story! Details, sir! Details! 🙂

    Dubuque is a nice town, regardless of which set of drunks laid it out. I recently moved from Indianapolis, which is geographically bigger, but feels a little “clean.” Dubuque has the nice feel of a small town – apple pie, domestic lager – but with a nice handful of grit thrown in as a digestive. It is very disturbing that cross-burnings took place here in the not-so-distant past, and that the Dubuque understanding of a mixed marriage is an Irish Catholic marrying a German Catholic. Still, it feels pretty homey. Now, if we could do something about this damned cold…

  6. truthwalker Says:

    Ohhhhhh, I was young and in love. I’d never had girlfriend before and I found her a lot more interesting than classes. I’d a 4.0 in high school, I left Emmaus with a .04. Bit of a difference.

    The Catholic-ness of Dubuque (it’s the most Catholic town in the western hemisphere north of Mexico) was a little strange at times. A cop once caught me and my finance (same girl as above, no it didn’t work out) in her car at night in a parking lot. She explained that we were bible college students and we didn’t believe in birth control so we’d waited until we were engaged and now we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. (True.)

    He looked at her ring, congratulated us, blessed us and our future children and drove away!

  7. Wooooowwwww. That is interesting. I’ll use that story next time a Catholic cop busts me with a girl in a car. Of course, I’m not sure my wife will fall for it. 🙂

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