facebook = crack

About 2 weeks ago I got a Facebook account.  I think I had tried this once in the past and just didn’t get it, but situations at school kind of forced me into it this time around.  I got hooked inside the first 5 minutes.  There were tons of people online at the same time that I was and I found myself “chatting” with two people for about an hour and a half – long enough, in any case, to piss away homework time.

The next couple of days were a huge let-down.  Nobody online to chat with; only the occasional “notification.”  It must be like the second time hitting the crack pipe – not nearly as good as the first, but still too alluring to put it away.

Well, I’ve now managed to get my Facebook addiction under control.  It was much easier to deal with than the time I gave up on myspace.  Maybe the myspace experience was helpful in that way.  Burn me once, and I’ll learn.

Anyway, I ran across this today.  It made me chuckle.


One Response to “facebook = crack”

  1. haha I love this post and the video is hilarious too. I had a good time going around some of your posts, so I’ll try to be coming back. Thanks for the nice words on my blog!

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