Jesus is a friend of mine.  I let him drink out of my soda bottle without wiping off the top.

Jesus is my friend.  He loaned me two dollars one time.


6 Responses to “Cringeworthy”

  1. Wow, Kinda makes you long for Laurence Welk…

  2. And that is quite a sad statement. My grandma used to watch LW. It was torture.

  3. Sadly, my mother loves (yes, that is not a past tense) LW. I remember his three (yes, three, I recall one being titled “Wunnerful”) autobiographies being on our bookshelf as a kid. I think given the time and money, my mom would indeed drive out to Strasburg, ND just to visit the birthplace museum. Thank God for my fathers music genes!

  4. Yes, that’s a good thing, indeed. Not that I’d judge you for it, but things would have been awkward had you dragged out the Jim Nabors on those many road trips.

  5. truthwalker Says:

    Ya, know, two things strike me as funny about this. Number one: people singing about “rockin’ roll” who wouldn’t know rockin’roll if it rolled up its morning paper and slapped them in the face with it, and (number two) what the rhythm guitarist, (the one on the left). He’s just there for show. The actual chords are being played by the keyboardist. His actions have no connections to any sounds being made.

  6. Just two things? Dude, you are generous! 🙂

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