Clearly, the End is Near

Latest sign of the impending Apocalypse right here:


4 Responses to “Clearly, the End is Near”

  1. Wow, another sign indeed. Sadly I can’t decide if this is a step up or a step down for Jenna Jamison’s film career….

  2. missylumberjill Says:

    Ah, yes. Zombie Strippers…I came to thank you for your comment, and stumbled across this…lol.
    Anyways, thank you for your encouragement…I think I will check out the psalms.
    Be sure to stop by again..and I think you’ll see me comment here from time to time.

  3. Stop by anytime, m.l.j. “We’ll leave the light on for ya.”

  4. I know, E! I think it’s a lateral move, for her. She’s used to those, I’m sure. (Pew.)

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