It’s been a long 5 weeks.  This past Thursday and Friday we took the last “regular season” Greek vocab & translations tests.  I did OK, but not as well as I could have, had I been able to motivate myself a little better.  Eh, water under the bridge.  The final is coming this week, and I’m not overly stressed about it.  I’m missing some of the nuances of translation, but I’ve got a whole year to work on nuanced translation and exegesis.  It’ll be good, but I’m a bit “over” Greek for the time being.

As a means of decompression (not to mention the added bonus of wearing out the hounds and getting a bit of exercise ourselves), we took the pooches down to the farmers’ market again this week.  It’s become a ritual, rain or shine, and I’m really enjoying it.  Back in Indy, there were a few markets here and there, and even though the quality was usually pretty good, it should have been much better in Cornopolis, and there should have been more of them.  Anyway, this one is right downtown in DBQ, and it’s good.  We got one bad melon there, but everything else has been dreamy.  Heirloom tomatoes, fresh sweet corn, wicked-fresh (Plymouth Rock!) eggs, and even sausages and bacon.  There’s good music there, too.

Took a couple of pics.

Mayflower smiling on the jungle gym

Mayflower smiling on the jungle gym

Hildy bustin loose on the slide

Hildy bustin' loose on the slide


I repeat: WTF

Dont know this bands name, but these gents were good.

Don't know this band's name, but these gents were good.


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