Where’ve you been all my life, Tom Waits?!

I’ve admired the concept of Tom Waits for a long time.  Loved his little cameo appearances in various films (esp. in Terry Gilliam’s incredible The Fisher King).  But I never really listened to Tom Waits or paid a whole lot of attention to him.  I think his voice – now a hint of Howlin’ Wolf, now a touch of Captain Beefheart – kind of kept me at bey.  But a few days ago, New Friend Mark lent me TW’s Mule Variations and I am HOOKED!

I’ve heard people refer to Waits as a brilliant theologian of sorts, but didn’t really believe it until now.  Here’s a wee sample.


2 Responses to “Where’ve you been all my life, Tom Waits?!”

  1. Beautiful! I want Tom to sing me to sleep…

  2. His song “Soldiers Things” breaks my heart everytime I hear it.

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