Dogs in DBQ (fluff content)

The thing with intensive Greek is that it can be overwhelming. Like, life-consuming-sized overwhelming. So, as a counterbalance, it is a wise practice to get out of an evening, or to spend the weekend doing something that is expressly non-Greeky.

With that in mind, the other day the Missus and I (by the way, don’t tell her I called her “The Missus”) took the dogs to one of the DNR-run parks after dinner. To be truthful, it was our second trip there, but the first time around we forgot to bring leashes. We (and dogs) were horribly disappointed that first day, but the trip was nice once we remembered to bring all the leads, tie-out stakes, insect repellents, water bottles, bedoin tents, camel caravans and everything else we thought we might need.  Here’s just a wee pic of Mrs. Hetoimazo and the pooches on one of the trails there.


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