Diminishing expectations

Feh. I’ve started about 10 different blog entries, only to wind up writing something like, “Well, I’ll pick up on this theme later.” Yyyeaaaahhh, that’s probably not gonna happen. Over the last several months I’ve been getting really interested in a topic, becoming enthusiastic about writing on the subject, then getting interrupted and not really finding the energy to rehash the theme. So, if you’ve been popping by here expecting to find that I’ve written something I promised to write, sorry. No excuses. If you’re really interested in something in particular that I’ve already mentioned, let me know and I’ll try to get to it in a timely manner. Otherwise, without my feet being held to the fire, it ain’t likely to happen.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, top searches leading to my site lately:

lyrics “o sight of anguish” (I’ll still highly recommend Tim Eriksen’s rendition of this. Look for Tim on Youtube. )

“a token of my extreme” video -lyrics (Still Zappa-crazy after all these years)

caca.it (Haha! Caca!)

Also apropos of nothing:

Really? C. Brinkley and Peter Cook?! Too bad: they made a nice couple. Uh, despite Cook being dead since 1995 and all.

[Photo deleted by author]


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