Gotta preach a sermon

I mentioned somewhere that I attend classes once per month for non-rostered lay ministers.  It’s a good school with some top-shelf instructors in Systematic Theology, Church History, Old and New Testament Studies, Spiritual Formation, Liturgy and stuff like that.  As a second-year student, it is my responsibility to develop – in conjunction with a small group of fellow students – and implement a worship service for one Saturday during the second year.  My time is coming up in February.  Lent.  Potentially one of the most somber times of the year.  (Also potentially very, very hopeful, but it takes some skill and strong Spiritual guidance to pull that off!)

And that would be all well and good, if I were only involved in the behind-the-scenes aspects of liturgy preparation and such.  Unfortunately, to a person, my worship team has decided (and chimed in before I got the chance) that they aren’t up to doing a sermon.  Therefore it falls to me.

I’ve looked ahead to the lectionary and saw that we’ll be working with Romans 5:12-19 and Matthew 4:1-11.  The themes seem to revolve around temptation, obedience even unto death, grace and liberation, atonement, repairing relationships, the struggle between good and evil, loss and restoration.  Man, I’m not sure where I’m going with this.  I could use some prayers, if you can spare a minute or two.



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