All we are saying…

…is give peace a chance.

27 years ago today, I woke up to get ready for school, just like any other day. My parents had CNN on because they didn’t know how to break the news to me that John Lennon had been shot and killed.

I had been weaned and raised on the Beatles, and for a long time had listened exclusively to Beatles music. My first “real” album (excluding such awesome classics as K-Tel’s Goofy Greats and The Chipmunks’ Christmas) was Yellow Submarine, shortly thereafter followed by Meet the Beatles and Abbey Road.

In grade 3, we had an assignment to bring in a song that spoke to us: I brought in Revolution 9, much to the bafflement of most of my classmates (except for Carlos Razo, who was cool beyond his years) and my teacher, Sister Jerome. I even doled out money 5 times to see the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton in the Sgt. Pepper movie. Remember that piece o’ crap? But it was worth it to me, because I lived and breathed the Beatles.

I mean no disrespect at all to those who lived through, suffered loss on, or respectfully observe the anniversary marked on the date before Lennon’s untimely departure, but for me, December 8th, 1980 is a day that will live in infamy.

RIP, John.


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